Web Design Minneapolis, St Paul, Minnesota

Web visitors spend on average 20 seconds at a website. To turn a visitor into a customer, your website has to make a great first impression. Is it designed to attract visitors and keep them interested in your products and services? Do you know the average time visitors spend during each visit? Our Minneapolis web design firm specializes turning a business website into the most cost-effective marketing tool.

97% of all business owners don’t know how many of their web visitors have turned into customers or leads. Even worse, most have no clue as to how many potential customers are brought in by search engines like Google. Most business websites are designed to give what the business owners want, NOT what potential customers want. If you never thought about improving the visitor-to-customer conversion, it is not too late. As the most trusted web design service company in Minnesota, we have a proven history of increasing web conversion through intelligent user-focused design.

Treat Your Website Like Your Sales Team

If you answer “Yes,” you should do the same, if not more, to your website. You can print your business card once, and forget about it for a very long time. Your website is NOT a business card. It can turn into a powerful branding, selling and persuading machine that outperforms the best sales team your company can put together.

If you answer “No,” don’t do the same to your website. Would you love having prospects calling your salespeople, instead of making cold calls? That is exactly what happens when your web design aims at high conversion. Are your salespeople ready to help potential customers with valuable information? If your website looks credible, offers valuable information and gives what potential customers are looking for, you get a tireless sales team that works around the clock!

Converting Web Traffic into Leads and Sales

If you are a salesman, would you rather make 100 cold calls and generate 20 sales or would you rather make 1,000 calls and generate 5 sales? If your website has a high conversion rate, you can have more leads and sales from the same number of visitors. In order to turn more prospects into customers or clients, whether it is a brick-and-mortar shop or online store, you have to adapt a new way of thinking about web design. You can start out by asking:

DON’T ask your employees, friends or relatives for feedback about your web design, unless you only want to hear how beautiful it looks. DO check with marketing professionals for honest opinions.

Double or Triple Your Sales by Increasing Your Conversion Rate

For over 95% of all business websites, it takes more than 100 visitors to generate 1 lead or sale. That means 99 out of 100 visitors leave without being impressed. If your website is not designed with conversion as a top priority, it is certain that you will lose many opportunities to make a sale.

Designing a high-conversion website doesn’t cost more; on the contrary, its return on investment far exceeds that of any type of marketing. A low-conversion website may seem cheaper to build, but it costs you much more when your potential customers buy from your competitors. At Smart Business Web, our specialty is to design websites with conversion rates that are 100-500% higher than industry standards.

#1 Key to High-Conversion Web Design – Know Your Visitors

98% of business websites serve two main purposes: to increase sales and to generate leads. What about your visitors? Do you know what they use the internet for?