Web Conversion Optimization Minneapolis, St Paul, MN

Many business owners believe that paying for more traffic is the only way to increase their revenues. But traffic is not cheap. Search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can put a strain on the marketing budget. Some of the highly competitive keyword phrases cost over $100 per click at Google AdWords. Focusing on optimizing web conversion rates is an effective way to generate better leads at a lower cost.

Would you heat your house while leaving the windows and doors open? Of course not – it is inefficient and wasteful. You are doing exactly that if you keep buying more traffic without improving the conversion rate. Over the long run, your return on investment goes down as it costs more to get more visitors.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Imagine you walk into Electronics Store A to shop for a new big-screen TV. Upon entering the store, you get confused – the store sells many electronics products and you can’t find any TVs. You look around, but no one is there to help. After wandering in the cluttered store for 5 minutes, you find the TV section. It takes another 5 minutes to get a salesman to answer your questions. The salesman is unprepared and unprofessional. He knows not much more than you do. No information is available about brand or price comparisons. He says he has to find out from his manager about the home delivery service. Are you ready to leave this store for another one?

Imagine walking into Electronics Store B, you are warmly greeted at the door and you know within 10 seconds where big-screen TVs are displayed. The store is cleaned, well-organized. After looking at a few models, a friendly salesman approaches and asks if you have any questions. He answers every question and even tells you a few things that you never thought of before coming to the store. He tells you the features of your interested brands or models. He explains the warranty information, plus their 2-day home delivery service. At the end, he leaves you to make the decision on your own without pressure. Are you impressed by Store B and willing to consider making your purchase there?

Are you tired of visiting websites that are like Store A? Do those cluttered, uninformative, ego-centered, unprofessional-looking websites turn you away? Is your website as pleasant, informative and helpful as Store B?

How to Find out Your Web Conversion Rate?

A conversion may be uniquely defined based on the nature of the business. For example, if you are a realtor, a phone inquiry about your services may be considered as a conversion. If you sell computers online, an online order may be considered as a conversion. In general, a conversion happens when a visitor takes the desired action at your website.

In order to calculate your conversion rate, you must gather some numbers first:

What is your conversion rate? Is it 1%? Or is it 0.5 %? Improving the conversion from 0.5% to 1% may only take some small changes to your website. However, the reward is the doubling of your leads or sales.

Quick Conversion Optimization with Small Web Design Changes

Visitors love simple easy-to-use websites. Many web designers love to show off their creativity, which often leads to websites that are not built according usability and SEO standards. For instance, 97% of web visitors expect to see the navigation menus at the top, or left and right sides. Don’t make your visitors look for them.

These small changes may seem so trivial, but they may significantly enhance the visitor experience. Online users stay much longer and have a better chance to turn into leads and sales.