Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Management – Minneapolis, St Paul, MN

What is Search Engine Marketing or SEM? Search engine marketing is a process that integrates organic search engine optimization with search engine pay-per-click campaigns. Search engine marketing’s goal is to reach the maximal number of prospects. Search engine optimization is often viewed as the long-term marketing strategy because of its high return on investment, whereas pay-per-click campaigns can generate immediate results and supplement the organic traffic. A successful search engine marketing campaign is effective in both short and long term.

How to Attract Potential Customers in 5 Minutes?

In about 5 minutes, your ads will show up along with Google search results. You only pay Google when searchers click on your ads. No other advertising venue gives you business an instant online presence like AdWords Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Google search results pages a dominated by Pay-Per-Click ads. Now, 4 large Google ads usually fill the top of Google listings. Organic search listings are pushed down. More searchers click on the paid ads than before. In order to maximize your business’ exposure to more potential customers, it is necessary to have pay-per-click traffic to supplement organic search traffic.

Why Does Pay-Per-Click Bring More than just Traffic?

About 20-30% of Google searchers don’t know the difference between the paid and the organic listings. If your ads are placed at high positions, your will see a significant increase in overall search traffic.

Because Google users search a wide range of keywords. No matter how well a website is optimized, it can’t rank at the top for every possible keyword variation. Pay-per-click gives you a chance to bring traffic for the keywords that your site doesn’t rank well.

Pay-per-click’s benefits go far beyond the increased search traffic. It gives you the direct control on how you want your marketing run. For examples, you can

Why Search Engine Marketing Allows You to Access Customer’s Mind?

If you didn’t know what your customers look for, now you can learn that through search engine marketing. You do so by finding out what elements on your website are well-received by visitors. Web analytics tools provide detailed information about a wide range of visitor behavior. What content do visitors like? What keywords do they search often? Do they have difficulty navigating the website? Which geographic locations od your customers come from? Such information tells you if: