Web Design, Search Engine Optimization and AdWords FAQs

As a leading web design, search engine optimization and AdWords management firm in Minneapolis, we strive to provide valuable information to our existing and future clients. We help them make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

Can you guarantee search engine rankings?

No one can guarantee search engine rankings. However, we do know what techniques are most likely to give you the best result in the shortest period of time. All SEO guarantees are scams. You will NEVER see your money back. Even worse, these scam artists use banned techniques that can cause long-term harm to your Google rankings.

How to know what keywords are popular?

The Google Keyword Tool tells you which keywords and keyword phrases are often searched by internet users. This keyword research tool also suggests other keywords or keyword phrases that have been used by users. You need to have a Google AdWords account to access this free tool.

Do you recommend using hidden texts in web pages?

Absolutely not. Such techniques have been used to fool search engines to get high rankings. However, as search engines are getting smarter, these tricks have become easier to spot and search engine impose serious penalties on websites that employ use such unethical practices. Penalties can range from ranking decrease to banning of such websites.

How long does it take to see search engine optimization results?

Some of our clients have seen dramatic increases of their web traffic within 1-2 months of search engine optimization and internet marketing. How quickly you can expect any significant results depends on the number of competing websites. If your competition is strong, it may take longer to see ranking improvement and increased traffic.

How do you know how many visitors have seen my website?

Valuable information, including the number of visitors per day, the pages that are viewed, the search engines that refer visitors to your site, and the keywords that the visitors use, can be obtained from the visitor logs of your website. The most useful tool is Google Analytics which is free. It offers in-depth information on visitor behavior. Such information can guide you on improving your web design, SEO and web conversion rate. Monitoring your traffic is extremely helpful in improving search engine rankings and attracting more visitors.

What are the costs of starting a new web site?

I am not sure what to put on my web site. How do I get started?

It is a good idea to go to Google or Yahoo and search for your competitors’ sites. These web sites will give you good ideas on design, content and useful features. Our professional copywriter can do the research for your company and create a content outline. We can write the new content for your website and optimize each page to target certain keyword searches.

How can I find out if Google or Yahoo knows about my web site?

At the Google or Yahoo search box, type: site:www.yourdomain.com

Both Google and Yahoo will return your web pages in their index, with a description about the nature of your site

Why the Highest Bid Doesn’t Get the #1 Pay-Per-Click Spot

Google AdWords ad positions are not solely based on the bid. Because Google only gets paid when your ads are clicked, how frequently searchers click on your ads plays a big role in your listing position.

Here is the simple math – you bid $1 per click and you competitor bids $2 per click for the same keyword phrase “interior designer”. 500 searchers click on your ad, but only 10 click on your competitor’s ad. It is obvious that Google makes more from your account ($500) than from your competitor’s ($20). If you were Google, which ad would you rather place at a higher spot?

A well-managed Google Pay-Per-Click campaign can pay much less for each click while getting more clicks.

How do you improve web conversion rate?

How do you make a 20-second sales presentation to your prospects? You want to make it simple, clear, and most importantly, right to the point.

Who should register my website domain?

Letting the web designer or web design company register your domain name is like having your realtor sign the deed of your house. Whoever registers the domain name has 100% control of the web site, plus the email accounts associated with the domain name. Here are a few problems that you might encounter if you let the web designer register the domain name: