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Why Is Your Bottom Line Dependent on Your Website’s Performance?

If you need more proof that your website has everything to do with the survival of your company, here are a few questions to think about:

If these traditional advertising venues have no influence on you, do you think they will influence your customers’ decisions? If the internet is where customers buy products and services, doesn’t it make sense to make sure your website ranks at the top of Google, looks professional and kicks ass? This is where professional web design and search engine optimization can turn your business around.

Your Website can Outperform Your Entire Sales Team

How many salespersons does your company have? How many calls can they make everyday or every month? How many hours a day can they work? How much does it cost to add an additional salesperson? Is the bad economy forcing you to reduce your sales team? More and more business owners, perhaps your competitors, have realized the power of a well-designed website that works harder and smarter than your talented sales staff.

The days of cold calling are long gone. Ask your salespersons how many times the people they were calling hung up on them, because the 99% of the people who your salespersons call couldn’t care less about what your company sells. In contrast, when visitors come to your website, they already have an interest in your products or services. Your website can pull your future customers through the door.

The questions to every business owner are: have you tried everything you can to

If you never gave your website much thought, NOW is the time to start. Otherwise, you will be outsmarted by your web savvy competition.

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